“Beggers are an eye-sore; and so we have banned begging!” …said the Prince.

It came 225 years after the French revolution.

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It’s a baby girl!

I am an Indian living in Kuwait. Given that I am an Indian with a 5000+ year of history and cultural background (which is supposed to be a lot), I dont know how I feel when I am forced to say, ‘It Is Much Safer Here’!
This is one of the best posts I have ever read. It is written by Sahaja Patel in her own blog. As much as it is touching, I cannot stop myself from making two points– (1). It has to be the ‘woman’ who needs to speak up for herself. Keeping quite wont help- shout out and use your own hands, legs, claws and nails. Fearlessly protect your own self in any way you deem necessary. In the kind of place, time and political country we live in, blaming anything wont help. Arguing that the sons and Men should be taught may be valid, BUT IF IT IS NOT WORKING- DONT WAIT FOR IT TO WORK THE RIGHT WAY. If morals failing, dont wait for conscience to wake. Law in India is weak and does not instill fear in perpetrators. Not a single bastard should be allowed to roam free. When words and teachings fail, a cane or bullet needs to start doing its job. (2) Religion and anything else does not matter. A ‘Baba-ji’ or a drunkard are both equally at fault and cannot be spared. We choose our representatives to run the Government, but the Guys we have chosen so far have made a farce of law and order and everything else. It is time to change, and WE have to change ourselves. God wont help if we only pray and take no steps; and definitely no Politician would.

The Espresso Addict

She was 27, and at home.

She stood in front of the mirror, naked. She looked at her breasts. This was the biggest they had ever been. But she knew that they were going to get bigger. She stared at herself for a long while before she ran her right hand across the entire area of her belly, from just above her abdomen, all the way down to its lower end. It looked bloated and the bump had begun to show through her clothes now. She was five months pregnant, and had just received her scans from her gynecologist. She had dreaded this moment would come right from when she turned into a teenager. And 15 years later, she still wasn’t prepared for it.

“You are going to have a healthy and beautiful baby girl. You just have to keep eating healthy, and get good sleep and sufficient exercise, just like…

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The Creation, The Creator, The Worship and The Religion

This post is inspired by a question from a Kid who asked his father “if God created us, who created ‘God’ ? ” Although the question can have explanations that covers over thousands of pages, but here is the Facebook response I gave based on my perspective. Your thoughts, comments and criticisms are all welcome:

Cosmic Energy- Representative diagram

…we need to separately understand the elements of Creation, Creator, Worship, and Religion. Creation is when everything came into being. If we go by what Bible has to say, God created whatever we know ‘In the Beginning’; and somewhat same is what every other religion is going to say. But let’s keep ‘religion; separate for now. With the miniscule understanding that science has provided us, we may want to believe that ‘Creation’ never had a beginning and end; and just like ‘time’ it was always there, ever expanding. So what with Big Bang? Did it happen? Yes it did, but even for it to happen, there had to be a moment of time and ‘something’ to cause the ‘bang’; which may be used as a reason to say, ‘time was already existing’. I guess a simpler explanation using either concepts of space-time or light-cone may help, but let me keep that for a later post/time.

Now, about the question of ‘Creator’. There has been a lot of debates and discussions w.r.t this, and especially when people have reported Near Death Experience, and that they met God or the supreme creator. What they however do report is that they never met a ‘form’, and I have not read or heard anyone either feeling as if they are being fried in a cauldron in hell or had found themselves standing in front of Pearly Gates. One of the methods of explanation is the use of sub-atomic concept. Everything in this universe and beyond is made of the particles, and the most miniscule building blocks are similar in form and composition and essentially represent ‘energy’. It is a universal energy to which everyone and everything is connected. Therefore, this elemental form of God is essentially the complete network of the smallest building blocks of energy. The manifestation of this energy at a much higher level takes different forms and shapes like humans, animals, rocks, tree and so on. This supreme presence in anything and everything is what God is, and that is why it is said, God is everywhere. Therefore, drawing parallel to the concept of ‘Creation’, ‘Creator’ (whom we call God) also existed always. It is a separate question as to who created ‘Humans’.

There are Darwin’s theories which blames it on evolution and conspirators’ theories as well, which blame it on the ‘Beings’ much higher than Humans who created God. A simplified explanation is provided by Eric Von Daniken who dilutes these Higher Beings as Aliens who genetically modified apes and accidentally created what we call as Humans. Thus Humans being created, the sense of Fear caused them to take refuge in acts of pleasing the forces beyond their control and or which they never understood, and hence came the concept of Gods, who later were given a physical existence like a super-Human and therefore a form. The humanoid form of Gods can only be explained by the lack of imagination of the Human Brain. Some great human being who did a phenomenal job at people organization and demonstrated good leadership skills which helped the group prosper, made the same group start worshipping this able leader as the ‘God’, and the questions were never asked, and so the able leader became the God. Most of the humanoid Gods that we know of can be attributed to method of God-creation. So Humanoid Gods were created by ‘Man’.

The final question is that of ‘religion’ and the simplest way to explain could be ‘”when one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion”.
—Robert Pirsig (Lila)”


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Death penalty by hanging rapists would do no good!!!

[The following article is solely my opinion and does not carry any form of religious sentiments or bents of mind. It is not aimed at hurting any sentiments and or legal practices or laws of the land as well. The text of the article may be deemed unsuitable for some audience and hence reader’s discretion to continue or stop is advised ]

Although death penalty and chemical castration to rapists MUST be the only form of punishment inflicted on rapists, but doing so would not solve the problem that we are faced with. A quick look at the sheer number of cases reported even when the country and common-man was demanding justice on the streets of Delhi is a grim reminder that the real problem is not only with the law-enforcement but in fact the real problem I feel is the “outcome” of inefficient law-enforcement. That outcome is the “lack of fear of law”.

If death sentence could solve the problems, it should have been solved with the conviction and execution of Dhananjoy Chatterjee or even way before that. The point is, how to inflict the sense of fear in perpetrators so that incidents are not reported.

Law enforcements happen when law is broken (after the fact), but that is not why laws are laid down. Laws are supposed to be there to first ensure the smooth running of the Society at large, and then have provisions for punishing those who offend the cause of humanity. But what good is a punishment that does not really inflict the sense of fear to would-be offenders? The point is, all human beings know for sure that death will come some day and we are afraid to meet death at any point of time. This is the high-handedness Life at large shows in spite of all our efforts and or wishes to live forever.

Thus ghastly crimes need to meet equally ghastly punishments. We CANNOT hide from the fact that the perpetrators had been ruthless; so why is it that punishments for such “beasts” need to be done in a gentle-manly ways? For crimes as heinous as what happened to the 23 year old braveheart in Delhi, the perpetrators need to be punished in the most heinous way and PUBLICLY and the same should be telecasted on live TV and video media so that the message is sent out to all and sundry for them to shudder at the sheer thought of a crime- big or small. Chemical castration secretly done or hanging secretly behind high prison bars would not solve the need serving the fear of law and justice-system to the hearts of perpetrators.

Sounds barbaric and inhuman for a civilized society? Let me ask you- where was humanity and human rights when the crime was being committed? Where was humanity and human rights when numerous other incidents of the same heinous nature was reported?

One may argue that Eye for an Eye is not a solution. For anyone who says that, please place yourself or your family member as a victim of such atrocity and then decide what you would have “wanted” to do. Some religious sentiments may offer that the individuals are never at fault but it is the evil inside them which needs to be killed. For all such comments, Dude or Dudettes, Good and Bad both stay within the individual and is not blessed or shared or distributed by some high power sitting on mountain tops. The evil inside can be killed only when the outright fear of justice prevails.

Personally I am in favor of burning such beasts alive in public for beasts and LIVE media coverage of the same. The screams that would be heard and the ghastly and uncensored footage that would be shown would send the required chill down the spine and act as nightmares for ages to come. Some form of precedence is necessary.

There is still a larger problem of Economic instability. Then there is also the problem of misuse of practices but I will keep these for some other time.


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This is one of the most beautiful and yet thought provoking posts I have read so far!!
The point is, people just need to realize, we are “Humans” first….anything else is secondary.
This post deserves an applaud…. but Human Beings need to be applauded for the undying spirit that keeps the world still a habitable place in spite of demons all around us.


On December 16th, 2012, a young woman boarded a public bus in New Delhi, India with friend after a late night movie show. Six people on the bus brutalized her beyond belief and threw her down the moving bus once they were finished with her. Her friend was beaten up and left to die. She clung on to life despite the odds – broken, mutilated, ravaged, brain-dead, but alive, breathing. She succumbed to her injuries a few days ago, on December 28th, 2012, after fighting desperately to cling on. Her body simply gave up.

Her fate and death stirred India into a huge protest against the indignities that women suffer and nudged the conscience of the whole world regarding the general attitude towards women, universally. Candle light vigils, marches with placards, protests against politicians and lackadaisical policies, accepting responsibilities that we all failed her, made it amply evident that people…

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I would not give up…..but….

I was half expecting to see Her in the white-blouse-blue-skirt school uniform. That was the last and most prominent image I had of Her. It had been over 10 years after school and life seemed to have moved on for me, and definitely for Her. Only when I did meet her, did I realize I was wrong for my part—life hadn’t really moved on for me; although it had for her.

People who are Scorpios (the Zodiac sign) by birth typically have a bad habit of remembering things and not being able to give up. I am not a saint and hence I am the perfect example of imperfection of not being able to give up. So although the logical mind knew it would not be the school-dress, somewhere deep down, the image persisted. After more than 10 years I was to meet Her—again, when the mobile rang and I started discussing work with a colleague; but then I saw her!

There was no school dress with the back-pack I had half-expected to see, but She was there as a fine “lady” matured by the years gone by. In the first moment when I saw her, I knew I had lost what could possible have been the biggest reason of happiness in my life. I had to disconnect the phone.

A light greeting hug and then all I could do was look into Her eyes- the innocent pellucid eyes, complimented with the smile made Her face glow, and I knew I was not the reason.

Where ever  You may be ‘coffee’ has become the de facto choice for a quick drink, and over it we discussed what changed over the last 10 years, or should I say, she was discussing and I was cursing myself for having been foolish enough for not taking into account everything that could be as it was on this day after 10 years. So here is an honest confession, I do not know or do not remember the details of the topics that we discussed, but yes, I remember having discussed family, parents and the generic stuffs you may want to list and commonly discuss when You meet someone after a decade- just that the topics were mechanical for me because the heart was somewhere else, possibly ‘cursing’.

When was the last time you realized that Time really flies? Well it always does when it is “good” time and it seems to persist and linger during the “bad” times; but alas, it was the “Good” time for me. So time had to fly. However, in the moments when she was with me, and we sat close to each other (may I mention only for the sheer lack of space), all I could do was draft reasons and ways for letting her know that I realize how much foolish I have been for all these years, hoping that somehow I can make Her understand and somehow She would really understand. Guess what, it just takes a moment to realize what is wrong or what is right—and that is always all about it. But the words fumbled inside and the right ones never came out and it was time for her to leave and depart—again forever, save for the electronic communication over text messages, chat and emails which we promised to share. I always knew that these media are not good enough to showcase the truth reason, value and worth of feelings.

It was time for her to go, and all I had was the sense of her touch when we shook hands followed by the good-bye hug, but I did not know one small thing was still left. In the cab we travelled for I had decided to drop her off, for the twinkle of an eye, our eyes met through the rear-view mirror of the driver. I know she saw it, but it was too late for acknowledgement.

While I sat back on my way home, all I could think was of the few hours I was with Her, and the memories were good enough to bring a persistent smile for me.

Here is where it stands today after that one meeting with Her: I know I am not as capable and socially placed as she is, or as much as her parents would expect her life partner to be; but I also know what all I am capable of, and that I can keep her Happy. She has to take a call to choose someone – and yes there are better suitors than what I am. She knows all I had to say – over all the electronic media of communication, although not face to face for I could never meet her after that.

Should I give up on her or in making an attempt to change things for the better? I intend to follow the saying. “It’s not over, till it’s over!”  What do You think? Can I not be given just a single chance?

[“Her” name has been withheld for sake of privacy]


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Another Year Ends… and hence Analyzing what I really want!

Although 2012 was a year of high anticipations and apprehensions with expectations of the world finally getting hit by a giant asteroid, or eruption of a super-duper volcano, or at least the Kalki avatar of Hindu mythology jumping into action, or God finally announcing Judgement day around the globe with a super-loud microphone for everyone to hear, thus providing the final cause of annihilation of the human race, as seemingly (some said) the Mayans had predicted such an event on the 21st of December this year, nothing much happened this year except for a few Historical events that (well) changed the world we know it; one being the death of Steve Jobs. What did happen on 21st I know for sure is, instead of the World ending, a ton of people I know started their new lives by getting married!

But I am not writing to say all that I said in the first para above, because with this year (like a lot of others) coming to an end, I finally thought of asking myself (again) “what do I want to do?” Believe me, I am not those all-clarified-from-birth types, and hence I usually find myself at a fix for not knowing what the future beholds for me. So what is it that I want to really do? here are a few things;

  1.    I want to be the Supreme Dictator of India poised to finish off all criminals, bring up poor people, stop alcohol usage, and wipe clean the country of all disruptive elements with potentially imaginative yet the most gruesome punishments for all criminals, especially rapists and politicians as we know.
  2.    I want to be the owner of two or more really cool motor-bikes – a Harley Davidson and a Ducati at the same time and ride them with two completely different personas; although I dont know how to ride a bike in the first place.
  3.    I want to be a great product manager (which by the way is my real job in real life) so much so that all customers love my products (which by the way they really do) to the extent that I dont have any other competitor company in the same space. Now this last part is a long short although I can vouch for the greatness of my product.
  4.    I want to be the best-man in my dearest friend’s wedding.
  5.    I want to play cricket like Sachin, football like Messi, chess like Vishwanathan Anand and golf like Tiger Woods…..even if the fact remains that I cannot play either of the 4 games!
  6.    I want to save the world and be a superhero like Batman with his cool gadgets while savoring anonymity.

…. and I want to be everything at one go!! There is a kid in all of us, and with these thoughts I always tend to try and give vent to that kid that still stays within and who wants to be everything at once!!… but what I know I want more than anything else is neither of these.

I just want to be able to go home everyday to a hearty and happy family, be with the person I love, care for my mom, sis and tiny nephew; and have a real good peaceful sleep at night.

Mere mortals dream and want only those which they thoroughly and completely lack… and I am just a Simple Common Man.


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