“Beggers are an eye-sore; and so we have banned begging!” …said the Prince.

It came 225 years after the French revolution.

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It’s a baby girl!

I am an Indian living in Kuwait. Given that I am an Indian with a 5000+ year of history and cultural background (which is supposed to be a lot), I dont know how I feel when I am forced to say, ‘It Is Much Safer Here’!
This is one of the best posts I have ever read. It is written by Sahaja Patel in her own blog. As much as it is touching, I cannot stop myself from making two points– (1). It has to be the ‘woman’ who needs to speak up for herself. Keeping quite wont help- shout out and use your own hands, legs, claws and nails. Fearlessly protect your own self in any way you deem necessary. In the kind of place, time and political country we live in, blaming anything wont help. Arguing that the sons and Men should be taught may be valid, BUT IF IT IS NOT WORKING- DONT WAIT FOR IT TO WORK THE RIGHT WAY. If morals failing, dont wait for conscience to wake. Law in India is weak and does not instill fear in perpetrators. Not a single bastard should be allowed to roam free. When words and teachings fail, a cane or bullet needs to start doing its job. (2) Religion and anything else does not matter. A ‘Baba-ji’ or a drunkard are both equally at fault and cannot be spared. We choose our representatives to run the Government, but the Guys we have chosen so far have made a farce of law and order and everything else. It is time to change, and WE have to change ourselves. God wont help if we only pray and take no steps; and definitely no Politician would.

The Espresso Addict

She was 27, and at home.

She stood in front of the mirror, naked. She looked at her breasts. This was the biggest they had ever been. But she knew that they were going to get bigger. She stared at herself for a long while before she ran her right hand across the entire area of her belly, from just above her abdomen, all the way down to its lower end. It looked bloated and the bump had begun to show through her clothes now. She was five months pregnant, and had just received her scans from her gynecologist. She had dreaded this moment would come right from when she turned into a teenager. And 15 years later, she still wasn’t prepared for it.

“You are going to have a healthy and beautiful baby girl. You just have to keep eating healthy, and get good sleep and sufficient exercise, just like…

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The Creation, The Creator, The Worship and The Religion

This post is inspired by a question from a Kid who asked his father “if God created us, who created ‘God’ ? ” Although the question can have explanations that covers over thousands of pages, but here is the Facebook response I gave based on my perspective. Your thoughts, comments and criticisms are all welcome:

Cosmic Energy- Representative diagram

…we need to separately understand the elements of Creation, Creator, Worship, and Religion. Creation is when everything came into being. If we go by what Bible has to say, God created whatever we know ‘In the Beginning’; and somewhat same is what every other religion is going to say. But let’s keep ‘religion; separate for now. With the miniscule understanding that science has provided us, we may want to believe that ‘Creation’ never had a beginning and end; and just like ‘time’ it was always there, ever expanding. So what with Big Bang? Did it happen? Yes it did, but even for it to happen, there had to be a moment of time and ‘something’ to cause the ‘bang’; which may be used as a reason to say, ‘time was already existing’. I guess a simpler explanation using either concepts of space-time or light-cone may help, but let me keep that for a later post/time.

Now, about the question of ‘Creator’. There has been a lot of debates and discussions w.r.t this, and especially when people have reported Near Death Experience, and that they met God or the supreme creator. What they however do report is that they never met a ‘form’, and I have not read or heard anyone either feeling as if they are being fried in a cauldron in hell or had found themselves standing in front of Pearly Gates. One of the methods of explanation is the use of sub-atomic concept. Everything in this universe and beyond is made of the particles, and the most miniscule building blocks are similar in form and composition and essentially represent ‘energy’. It is a universal energy to which everyone and everything is connected. Therefore, this elemental form of God is essentially the complete network of the smallest building blocks of energy. The manifestation of this energy at a much higher level takes different forms and shapes like humans, animals, rocks, tree and so on. This supreme presence in anything and everything is what God is, and that is why it is said, God is everywhere. Therefore, drawing parallel to the concept of ‘Creation’, ‘Creator’ (whom we call God) also existed always. It is a separate question as to who created ‘Humans’.

There are Darwin’s theories which blames it on evolution and conspirators’ theories as well, which blame it on the ‘Beings’ much higher than Humans who created God. A simplified explanation is provided by Eric Von Daniken who dilutes these Higher Beings as Aliens who genetically modified apes and accidentally created what we call as Humans. Thus Humans being created, the sense of Fear caused them to take refuge in acts of pleasing the forces beyond their control and or which they never understood, and hence came the concept of Gods, who later were given a physical existence like a super-Human and therefore a form. The humanoid form of Gods can only be explained by the lack of imagination of the Human Brain. Some great human being who did a phenomenal job at people organization and demonstrated good leadership skills which helped the group prosper, made the same group start worshipping this able leader as the ‘God’, and the questions were never asked, and so the able leader became the God. Most of the humanoid Gods that we know of can be attributed to method of God-creation. So Humanoid Gods were created by ‘Man’.

The final question is that of ‘religion’ and the simplest way to explain could be ‘”when one person suffers from a delusion it is called insanity. When many people suffer from a delusion it is called religion”.
—Robert Pirsig (Lila)”


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Death penalty by hanging rapists would do no good!!!

[The following article is solely my opinion and does not carry any form of religious sentiments or bents of mind. It is not aimed at hurting any sentiments and or legal practices or laws of the land as well. The text of the article may be deemed unsuitable for some audience and hence reader’s discretion to continue or stop is advised ]

Although death penalty and chemical castration to rapists MUST be the only form of punishment inflicted on rapists, but doing so would not solve the problem that we are faced with. A quick look at the sheer number of cases reported even when the country and common-man was demanding justice on the streets of Delhi is a grim reminder that the real problem is not only with the law-enforcement but in fact the real problem I feel is the “outcome” of inefficient law-enforcement. That outcome is the “lack of fear of law”.

If death sentence could solve the problems, it should have been solved with the conviction and execution of Dhananjoy Chatterjee or even way before that. The point is, how to inflict the sense of fear in perpetrators so that incidents are not reported.

Law enforcements happen when law is broken (after the fact), but that is not why laws are laid down. Laws are supposed to be there to first ensure the smooth running of the Society at large, and then have provisions for punishing those who offend the cause of humanity. But what good is a punishment that does not really inflict the sense of fear to would-be offenders? The point is, all human beings know for sure that death will come some day and we are afraid to meet death at any point of time. This is the high-handedness Life at large shows in spite of all our efforts and or wishes to live forever.

Thus ghastly crimes need to meet equally ghastly punishments. We CANNOT hide from the fact that the perpetrators had been ruthless; so why is it that punishments for such “beasts” need to be done in a gentle-manly ways? For crimes as heinous as what happened to the 23 year old braveheart in Delhi, the perpetrators need to be punished in the most heinous way and PUBLICLY and the same should be telecasted on live TV and video media so that the message is sent out to all and sundry for them to shudder at the sheer thought of a crime- big or small. Chemical castration secretly done or hanging secretly behind high prison bars would not solve the need serving the fear of law and justice-system to the hearts of perpetrators.

Sounds barbaric and inhuman for a civilized society? Let me ask you- where was humanity and human rights when the crime was being committed? Where was humanity and human rights when numerous other incidents of the same heinous nature was reported?

One may argue that Eye for an Eye is not a solution. For anyone who says that, please place yourself or your family member as a victim of such atrocity and then decide what you would have “wanted” to do. Some religious sentiments may offer that the individuals are never at fault but it is the evil inside them which needs to be killed. For all such comments, Dude or Dudettes, Good and Bad both stay within the individual and is not blessed or shared or distributed by some high power sitting on mountain tops. The evil inside can be killed only when the outright fear of justice prevails.

Personally I am in favor of burning such beasts alive in public for beasts and LIVE media coverage of the same. The screams that would be heard and the ghastly and uncensored footage that would be shown would send the required chill down the spine and act as nightmares for ages to come. Some form of precedence is necessary.

There is still a larger problem of Economic instability. Then there is also the problem of misuse of practices but I will keep these for some other time.


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This is one of the most beautiful and yet thought provoking posts I have read so far!!
The point is, people just need to realize, we are “Humans” first….anything else is secondary.
This post deserves an applaud…. but Human Beings need to be applauded for the undying spirit that keeps the world still a habitable place in spite of demons all around us.


On December 16th, 2012, a young woman boarded a public bus in New Delhi, India with friend after a late night movie show. Six people on the bus brutalized her beyond belief and threw her down the moving bus once they were finished with her. Her friend was beaten up and left to die. She clung on to life despite the odds – broken, mutilated, ravaged, brain-dead, but alive, breathing. She succumbed to her injuries a few days ago, on December 28th, 2012, after fighting desperately to cling on. Her body simply gave up.

Her fate and death stirred India into a huge protest against the indignities that women suffer and nudged the conscience of the whole world regarding the general attitude towards women, universally. Candle light vigils, marches with placards, protests against politicians and lackadaisical policies, accepting responsibilities that we all failed her, made it amply evident that people…

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I would not give up…..but….

I was half expecting to see Her in the white-blouse-blue-skirt school uniform. That was the last and most prominent image I had of Her. It had been over 10 years after school and life seemed to have moved on for me, and definitely for Her. Only when I did meet her, did I realize I was wrong for my part—life hadn’t really moved on for me; although it had for her.

People who are Scorpios (the Zodiac sign) by birth typically have a bad habit of remembering things and not being able to give up. I am not a saint and hence I am the perfect example of imperfection of not being able to give up. So although the logical mind knew it would not be the school-dress, somewhere deep down, the image persisted. After more than 10 years I was to meet Her—again, when the mobile rang and I started discussing work with a colleague; but then I saw her!

There was no school dress with the back-pack I had half-expected to see, but She was there as a fine “lady” matured by the years gone by. In the first moment when I saw her, I knew I had lost what could possible have been the biggest reason of happiness in my life. I had to disconnect the phone.

A light greeting hug and then all I could do was look into Her eyes- the innocent pellucid eyes, complimented with the smile made Her face glow, and I knew I was not the reason.

Where ever  You may be ‘coffee’ has become the de facto choice for a quick drink, and over it we discussed what changed over the last 10 years, or should I say, she was discussing and I was cursing myself for having been foolish enough for not taking into account everything that could be as it was on this day after 10 years. So here is an honest confession, I do not know or do not remember the details of the topics that we discussed, but yes, I remember having discussed family, parents and the generic stuffs you may want to list and commonly discuss when You meet someone after a decade- just that the topics were mechanical for me because the heart was somewhere else, possibly ‘cursing’.

When was the last time you realized that Time really flies? Well it always does when it is “good” time and it seems to persist and linger during the “bad” times; but alas, it was the “Good” time for me. So time had to fly. However, in the moments when she was with me, and we sat close to each other (may I mention only for the sheer lack of space), all I could do was draft reasons and ways for letting her know that I realize how much foolish I have been for all these years, hoping that somehow I can make Her understand and somehow She would really understand. Guess what, it just takes a moment to realize what is wrong or what is right—and that is always all about it. But the words fumbled inside and the right ones never came out and it was time for her to leave and depart—again forever, save for the electronic communication over text messages, chat and emails which we promised to share. I always knew that these media are not good enough to showcase the truth reason, value and worth of feelings.

It was time for her to go, and all I had was the sense of her touch when we shook hands followed by the good-bye hug, but I did not know one small thing was still left. In the cab we travelled for I had decided to drop her off, for the twinkle of an eye, our eyes met through the rear-view mirror of the driver. I know she saw it, but it was too late for acknowledgement.

While I sat back on my way home, all I could think was of the few hours I was with Her, and the memories were good enough to bring a persistent smile for me.

Here is where it stands today after that one meeting with Her: I know I am not as capable and socially placed as she is, or as much as her parents would expect her life partner to be; but I also know what all I am capable of, and that I can keep her Happy. She has to take a call to choose someone – and yes there are better suitors than what I am. She knows all I had to say – over all the electronic media of communication, although not face to face for I could never meet her after that.

Should I give up on her or in making an attempt to change things for the better? I intend to follow the saying. “It’s not over, till it’s over!”  What do You think? Can I not be given just a single chance?

[“Her” name has been withheld for sake of privacy]


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Another Year Ends… and hence Analyzing what I really want!

Although 2012 was a year of high anticipations and apprehensions with expectations of the world finally getting hit by a giant asteroid, or eruption of a super-duper volcano, or at least the Kalki avatar of Hindu mythology jumping into action, or God finally announcing Judgement day around the globe with a super-loud microphone for everyone to hear, thus providing the final cause of annihilation of the human race, as seemingly (some said) the Mayans had predicted such an event on the 21st of December this year, nothing much happened this year except for a few Historical events that (well) changed the world we know it; one being the death of Steve Jobs. What did happen on 21st I know for sure is, instead of the World ending, a ton of people I know started their new lives by getting married!

But I am not writing to say all that I said in the first para above, because with this year (like a lot of others) coming to an end, I finally thought of asking myself (again) “what do I want to do?” Believe me, I am not those all-clarified-from-birth types, and hence I usually find myself at a fix for not knowing what the future beholds for me. So what is it that I want to really do? here are a few things;

  1.    I want to be the Supreme Dictator of India poised to finish off all criminals, bring up poor people, stop alcohol usage, and wipe clean the country of all disruptive elements with potentially imaginative yet the most gruesome punishments for all criminals, especially rapists and politicians as we know.
  2.    I want to be the owner of two or more really cool motor-bikes – a Harley Davidson and a Ducati at the same time and ride them with two completely different personas; although I dont know how to ride a bike in the first place.
  3.    I want to be a great product manager (which by the way is my real job in real life) so much so that all customers love my products (which by the way they really do) to the extent that I dont have any other competitor company in the same space. Now this last part is a long short although I can vouch for the greatness of my product.
  4.    I want to be the best-man in my dearest friend’s wedding.
  5.    I want to play cricket like Sachin, football like Messi, chess like Vishwanathan Anand and golf like Tiger Woods…..even if the fact remains that I cannot play either of the 4 games!
  6.    I want to save the world and be a superhero like Batman with his cool gadgets while savoring anonymity.

…. and I want to be everything at one go!! There is a kid in all of us, and with these thoughts I always tend to try and give vent to that kid that still stays within and who wants to be everything at once!!… but what I know I want more than anything else is neither of these.

I just want to be able to go home everyday to a hearty and happy family, be with the person I love, care for my mom, sis and tiny nephew; and have a real good peaceful sleep at night.

Mere mortals dream and want only those which they thoroughly and completely lack… and I am just a Simple Common Man.


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The Gods, The Demons….. and The Cigarette!

  • Why did Kasab’s Kalashnikov not discriminate Hindus vs. Muslims during 26/11?
  • Why did the planes that rammed into the twin towers of New York not discriminate the Christian from the Jews and the Muslims or even the Hindus?
  • Why did the atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki not spare the children when we think children are Gods in disguise?
  • Why is it that diseases like cancer, aids, leprosy, small pox or as simple as common cold afflict people of all religion?
  • Why do tsunamis and tornadoes and earthquakes not spare people by discrimination based on color, creed, caste, religion or even economic disparities?
  • Why can we not identify people standing side by side what their caste or creed is or even their religion if it is not given away by their get-ups?
  • Why do Gods and Demons alike seem to be in the shape of human beings?
  • Why do people of all religion and sect or caste or color or whatever have the same ending called “death” and same beginning called “birth”?

and one more…Why is it for all religions encountering with God is always through meditation of some form or other? Why can’t God or Devil alike just come out in the open air and show themselves brandishing their powers or scream out from the sky with a booming voice in a language comprehensible by all the people of Earth? Do they really need to be so secretive?

… and if You notice such questions are always in exhaustive.

I asked myself why? And the answer has always been there- just that we never wanted to realize. God and Devil are but the two sides of the same coin and resides within each one of us- all human beings alike. We Humans simply choose to ignore this and put our faith in what we see with out eyes and wish to put our faith on.

The Hindu war-cry of “har har Mahadev” is the exact description. It means “everyone is a Mahadev”- but still Hindus want to put their faith in a lion-cloth draped joint-smoking dreamy eyed well-built smiling humanoid figure. Jesus wanted all of the children of God to have faith in God and in the name of the poor soul we humans fought crusades. Did Jesus actually discriminate one person from the other and said ‘Go kill all the other bastards in my name’? Poor soul, he gave his life in loving people as one.

The fight between the Good and Evil, of Gods vs. Demons, has always been between people who choose the “God” within with those who chose the “Devil” within. Instead of identifying the Gods within us, we seek God in extravagant rituals that only help in competitive economics.

Is it so hard to find the God within us and give the Devil up? Is it really so hard to treat all humans alike without discrimination of caste, creed, color and religion and all such stupid vices?

In my opinion, the Mayans, when they ran out of stones for their calendar, were not trying to predict when God of all the religions will have a joint-committee meeting to decide the time to come down and punish the offenders. They were not trying to predict the so called Judgment Day; but they may have thought that by this time the humans would be so divided and busy fighting and killing one another, the “human” race would cease to exist.

One last thing, if anyone is coming “back” it could possibly be the aliens who according to Eric Von Daniken were responsible for the rise of the Homo sapiens from pre-historic apes through genetic enhancements and mutations. That still seems plausible unless they also have lost track of planet Earth in the vast expanse of space.

The net messages therefore are: Why not try to love Humans first and “human beings? and Why not try and identify the God and Devil within ourselves instead of trying to find and fight them in humanoid idols?”


1) I cannot comment on lower animals like cats, dogs, chicken (which tastes great) and so on… as I do not know their form of worship or if at all they believe in worshiping a physical structure in the name of God.

2) This thought came to me when the smoke bellowing from my cigarette cleared in front of me; and hence the title. [I am not promoting or justifying smoking, but well I still have a Devil inside me.]


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The Difficulty of Being Good

Recently enough I read a book that started off saying “‘The higher a monkey climbs, the more You can see of his behind’- General ‘Vinegar Joe’ Stilwell“. Somehow the sentence stuck to my mind, and I just could not get it out. If You are good at something, some people would always be there to support You to make sure You get enough means to shine. However the other side of the coin is, another set of people, (I wish to call as the ‘second set’) who cannot ‘do good’, would be there to pull You down – at all costs. Often, the irony is, this second set of people would be talking seemingly from behind the garb of ‘principles’ and ‘values’ and the likes. Therefore decide whom You wish to see the ‘behind’.

As the saying goes, when You see people trying to pull You down, You know You are already above them. Cynics would argue, this is because this ‘second set’ simply cannot bear it. Fortunately this is just about human nature, and believe it or not, I think success is like flowing water, which when met with an obstacle makes its way around it…for the objective of success should be to not just stay good, but be ‘better’ to be ‘The Best’….. because as the saying goes, “being Good is just not good enough’.

When I asked myself, what should I do, if I face such a situation ever? the only answer I got was, “deal with it”….. for such negative experiences are like shadows– the larger You are, the larger the shadow is, and they never leave You. May I also say, shadows never leave You…. success does, if You take a faulty step.

I did not wish to plagiarize the name of such a well known book by Gurcharan Das, but incidentally and accidentally the title of the post just fits the situation I wrote about. Apologies therefore, if I offended anyone.

[excerpt from an old post of mine….]

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On ‘Ambition’

The first page of a book I was reading started with ‘Ambition is a state of permanent dissatisfaction with the present‘. As a matter of fact I just could not agree more with the statement. Ambition– along with the definition, what varies from person to person, is the intensity of the same. Some people say what drives them is their pursuit of being happy. For me it just works some other way, for I have always felt a deep sense of restlessness within myself. I am not sure if ‘ambition’ is the only driving factor for the same, because I know of multiple reasons for the state of tremendous restlessness that resides within me- but the most important one I can safely say is ‘ambition’.

I haven’t got a situation to test how far I could go in order to fulfill my thirst– for yes, ambition does make You ‘thirty’ for what You desire; but surely I am aware of a sense of responsibility and honor which I would not cross.

For me, ‘ambition’ is like a roller-coaster ride where the only driving element is an acceleration button, the faster You go, the faster You rise, the faster You fall….either way it can hurt. Safety and ambition seem to be at loggerheads with one another.

Probably this is the shortest post I have ever made, but well, guess it drives home the point.

[This is from an old post of mine….]

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Non-Sovereign, Non-Socialist, Non-Secular,…. Unequal India

Let me confess upfront, I have my difference of opinion with that of Gandhi ( I mean Mahatma Gandhi w.r.t. his ways of getting work done); but something about his philosophy has always been about the upliftment of the grass root. Let me not use terms like Dalits and Harijans et al, as it somehow divides the concept of equality in the first place. Hence I use ‘grass root’ as I guess it would actually define the level of people who form the real mass of India.

As a matter of fact, grass roots essentially mean the people from the lowest rungs of the “society”, which by the way include all the ‘castes’ that India boasts of. Now here is a catch…. in order for India to shine in the true way, it needs the grass root to be lifted both socially and economically; but who is going to do so? Let us assume that the financial condition of India improves in a bunch of ways given all forms of foreign investments come in, which by the way is good enough to widen the rifts that already exist but still is a necessary evil, the question is what about Social equality??

Back in the early days of independence we loaded up a words text called Preamble to the Indian Constitution which reads like:

WE, THE PEOPLE OF INDIA, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a SOVEREIGN SOCIALIST SECULAR DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC and to secure to all its citizens:
JUSTICE, social, economic and political;
LIBERTY, of thought, expression, belief, faith and worship;
EQUALITY of status and of opportunity;
and to promote among them all
FRATERNITY assuring the dignity of the individual and the unity and integrity of the Nation;

… but have we ever lived to anywhere close to this declaration? or was it just for Mr. Ambedkar who liked education and hence put an erudite statement for the world to behold the biggest constitution of India, while the rest of India says ‘F*** You’ to this? I am tempted to guess the later.

The idea of brotherhood and equality existing in a socially distributed and divided place is same as presence of water on the surface of the sun. Secularism : is that the same as dividing people on the basis of castes and declaring them as not from the same “beradari” and literally banishing people away? Guess what, this is the practice of the educated middle class of Secular India.  Don’t believe me- just look at the community matrimony sites- the caste division is practiced under the eyes of laws and regulations of India. Did any of the Fathers of our Nation envision such an India?

So why exactly we have a constitution? or why exactly we call ourselves Indians? Should we not call ourselves by the castes and sub-castes that we belong to? At least that would save us from being hypocrites !! or are we too educated to “accept” such lowly facts and prefer being hypocrites?

So why this post? Well, let me confess I cannot face caste discrimination given the surname I have… but given the outsider I am, even to my own religion and caste, I cannot help but express my resentment to these hypocritical nature of us Indians. 

Criticize me if You wish to, but here is a humble request, at least in individual capacities, if You think you are educated please do not divide humanity on the basis of caste, creed, religion and all that shit. Own up for once to make a difference and if possible condemn those who practice it.

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is India more divided than ever before???

The question was raised in Tim Sebastian‘s show The Outsider in a debate yesterday (11 Nov 2012). That was the topic of the debate, and pre and post debate, the overall majority of the audience voted, Yes (70%) accepting that India is more divided than it was earlier. Unfortunately, this division is at multiple levels- economic, social, political, religious…you name a con that can affect a nation and we are divided.

A good number of examples were given, of which statistics reveal 75% people object to inter-caste marriages. Lies, damn lies and Statistics….because if the entire nation was polled, I am sure the numbers would have been even pathetic with over 99% of the population objecting to inter-caste marriage. The educated mass practice caste division and that is a big problem. We say we are a liberated nation….well we might have been better otherwise I guess. Have you ever imagined the amount if money the so called matrimony sites like and Bharat Matrimony and others make by simply practicing this blatant display and practice of caste discrimination…..well we as a nation of Educated individuals allow that. A developed nation should have brought anti-nation charges against such practice, but we are Indians and hence when we get to practice inequality we enjoy it the most…and these sites are a prime example.

Numbers show, that 350 million was the total population of India during independence, and now just the size of the middle class is 350 million when we are a 1 billion plus people nation. Even a kid today would say we are more divided, because the rest of the mass is poor, and that is a shameful economic divide.

Reservation system in India was created for the upliftment of the people of lower “castes”, and we have made a mess of the system, because economically strong people make use of the division of caste formula to reap benefits just because their names say they belong to a lower caste. This reservation, if it is for the upliftment of the people, should be based on the economic condition and restricted only to the level of entry and not beyond that. The right should be equal to all, and everyone should get the opportunity but based on their merits and definitely not on the basis of castes. If there are Brahmins who are poor, it makes them equally eligible for a reservation, because then it is based on upliftment of the poor and not based on castes. Most importantly, this reservation even for the poor Brahmin or the poor Dalit has to be restricted only to the entry level, post which they should be in the same race as the rest of the people.

But the real trouble i feel is the education and the “real” value of education that is always left not understood. Education is just not about exams or marks or degrees, it has to teach the real value of the people and how to be a better human being. Education has to teach not what the prints in the book says, but how to be an able person for the society at large. Unfortunately , this is the biggest challenge in India….the so called educated mass behave like hooligans when it comes to practicing caste divisions, economic divisions, and political divisions; snd true to their Nature India’s politician community take advantage of this. It is fir their benefit that they would maintain the divisions to manipulate the vote bank and stay in power…..and we the so-called educated people let them.

The effects are far more serious that we anticipate. The divisions created have made Indians far more complacent that we should be as a nation. We don’t treat humans alike and or practice equality, and this has led external forces take control of environments in our country and lead terrorists attacks. We lack self respect as a nation. We come together in the face of a national calamity like Mumbai terror attacks, and the very next day go back to business as usual. Our complacency is hurting us at the roots, and today the youth are also not bothered. They practice caste division and do not value real education because the money they earn helps them fulfill a McDonald, PizzaHut and Disco filled life style. So why would they bother about the ill effects of caste bars and educational value crisis? The festivities have their own economics, and these nowadays are more for having fun than really valuing the cause or reason for which the worship of the Gods take place. This “who cares” attitude of the educated mass and youth is a cancer that will only do bad for India, and make us subjugate to filthy Kasabs from the future, make us a lot more divided going forward and pull us down in bottomless pits.

guess what…”who cares?”…

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observations after losing my temper….

the trouble with unconcealed expression is same as firing a gun…..once expressed nothing can be brought back. Mostly such expresions are a result of unforeseen calamities when dealing with people…. but that is not the accepted norm of society, and that adds to the trouble for people like me.

i cannot take illogical and substandard examples and theories….but it does not mean i am trying to question faith of other people. Usually it is the other way round. My faith is questioned simply because it is not the accepted norm, but I am not trying to offer an explanation here. In the past 10 days including today, i have been face to face with unthinkably substandard “items”.

Being verbose, aginst pathetic and useless work under the guise of hard-work done, got me into serious trouble. The problem was my non-conventional methods of sorting out issues, but well i guess norm is norm, and no one wants to adapt to good when they can get away with below average stuffs. That was part 1.

Later i was faced with a fight against hypocricy of the educated people. The trouble here was, I could not understand why someone who is educated would behave in such lowly manner…….

……….and then i looked at myself and what i was doing!!!!

in either of these, i lost my temper and equated my behavior similar to those with whom i was battling. That was so wrong of me…..because either way i kind of lost the battles, simpky because i was against conventional norms which people are used to. What i learnt therefore was important….

if people accept being lowly vermins without hope of getting out of the dung they are in…. what is it to me? Am i responsible either morally, professionally or personally to get them to see logic? Naaah…. I am not. i dont want to become a mentor or a preacher….. i am no God-man or Guruji or all that stuff. It is said, the teacher arrives when the studenst is ready, but the students are way too bogged down by lowly elements to see their mistakes or false notions, who am i therefore to correct such notions and drag people out of pits? No one.

in the wake of losing my temper, i realised i may not be anything more than those I am fighting, and for me that is the lesson. it is not about being poker-faced, it is simply being a bit selfish about things that really bother me versus what does not bother me or i can get past it without affecting myself. Guess that is the simpler thing to do than try to show light in darkness 😛

let me leave it on to the professional God-men to plagiarize teachings of Gita as their own and claim to save the people with their knowledge and might….there are better things i can get done.

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Ignore and be blissfully complacent

Probably this is a one of those very short blog posts….but was thinking of asking the following questions….

1., we hail Ram, but have we ever thought of the thousands of innocent Lanka dwellers (as we may want to call them asuras) we were killed when Hanuman burnt Lanka? Kids, women,.babies, old men….. ??

2. Have we ever cried for the widows and children of the hundreds and thousands of the soldiers who died in Mahabharata?

3. Forget mythology, do we remember how many lives are lost every year in the wake of defending our India’s borders from the terrorists? we wailed and cried and sang desh-bhakti songs when the war was waging, but now do we get time from enjoying our McDonalds and PizzaHuts and KFCs??

4. okay, I don’t want to brood any longer, but how many common-men, soldiers and policemen were killed when Kasab, who is our royal guest now, unleashed his Kalashnikov on them?

Gee… we are so damn complacent!!! Has a race ever prospered after being such horrendously complacent? Or is it that we are too busy to think of what tramples others till it actually hurts us?


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Meeting the Ravana within…..

Forget the 10 headed beast-like fire breathing mythological character that we have always envisioned Ravana to be….. if thought with a logical bent of mind, the 10 heads are the 10 emotions of Anger, Pride, Jealousy, Happiness, Sadness, Fear, Selfishness, Passion, Ambition, and Intellect. The hypocritical so called educated humans that we claim to be, we would first ignore the presence of these….and then wish to showcase only the intellectual side by making a fool of ourselves by practicing mindless activities in the name of culture, heritage and above everything religion. Hence it is tough for someone like me for i can never take things for granted.

i am not know to be diplomatic… i feel angry at things i should be angry about, and i express my resentment and anger…… a base emotion as the learned may call it…

i do feel proud when i achieve something,, but i do not complain to God saying “why me?” when things do not work out as planned……..

i am jealous of a number of things i do not have… at least that gives me the drive to strive to achieve it..

i am happy when things are good… I am happy to see my loved ones smiling, or even when I hear a nice and beautiful song….i am sad when things are not so good…. i am sad when i am hurt, or when my loved ones have a reason to cry.

i am afraid of the unknown, i am afraid of bad-luck befalling my loved ones.. i am afraid of Death even if I know what the teachings from Bhagwat Gita……

i am selfish about my own world and the security and benefits to my own loved ones…. i don’t care about what seven other odd billion people are doing…. and my work is my passion…. I love what I do… ad the way i do…and i do not like others spoiling my work or being the reason for a bad name that i might earn….

i am ambitious and it shows on my face..and reflects in the way i try to get things done.. but i am not the unscrupulous kind who would go any lengths on unfair grounds to achieve their goals, and hide it under the garb of diplomacy or fake smiles.

Over these bases emotions, I do not consider earning formal degrees while being challenged and prejudiced in the day to day work, and not considering other humans as equal, as an intellectual capability. i consider knowledge supreme…. I believe in the real learning over only scoring marks or getting degrees—and i take steps to implement them.

Above everything I cannot be hypocrite who practice and preach different things…. I am expressive and verbose and all the above base emotions are visible in me, as I am not a poker-face.

If there is a God in all of us, this is the Ravana inside me!!

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One Fine Day…. You Stop and Take Charge ….

There are times when one simply feels that everything around is all so wrong!
Work is not the best place to be in, because of some reason……….
Friends do not seem to understand that terrible feeling that is killing You from inside………… Some one did something wrong ……horribly wrong……….
which she/he should not have done at all…..
Questions eats up all peace of mind,
“why did she/he do this to me?”….
“why does my friends not understand what hell I am going through?”……
“why does the family that I love so much suddenly seem to alien as to misunderstand anything and everything I am doing?” …….
“at office, why was “I” chosen to be thrashed?………….”
When all seems so wrong, You ask Yourself the questions “Why ME?”; “What have I done to deserve this?”

If any or all of these is what You have felt, read on, else You may choose not to read anymore…. I say this coz I felt exactly these till sometime back……but then I did something!

“I chose to Stop Cribbing and Take Control”

Bahrain was not my first travel for I have traveled for quite sometime, but at times, something inside (unknown to You) tells You to “see” what You have been missing! While returning from Bahrain, the flight started to descend from above the clouds at around 2.30am, and hence I had the luxury of looking at the “world” from a few thousand feet above sea-level. Believe me, nothing but beauty and peace is all the You see. I realized that one does not see a single human being from up there… and therefore, the concerns or the questions that have been pestering “the me” seemed so unthinkably futile. Simply speaking – nothing really matters from up there; essentially nothing really matters until You put the unnecessary effort in making it matter!

*If there is a problem at work– deal it to finish it and move up the career! I did!

*If friends do not seem to understand the terrible feeling, ask yourself -is this feeling worth the effort that is being put in “feeling it” ? the answer is always a NO!… So junk it! I did!

*If someone did wrong to You, don’t bother drooling over it. Become lazy enough not to do anything Yourself and Let ‘Karma’ fuck the shit out of her/him! Believe me … in business terms this is called work ‘delegation’; and it works wonders! If someone has done a wrong, she/he would get that paid back with interest! So (as they say in Bangalore) “chill maadi” !

*If family seems not to understand, put Yourself in their shoes and try to look at Yourself. you will find the flaws which You were missing for which the Family seemed so unreasonable. You can’t see the full picture, when You are within the picture.. so stand outside and look!

There is a Guardian Angel who looks after You, even when You are tend of thousands of feet above the ground! Believe in Him!

I “did” all that I ranted above! Try it!


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Choosing consequences & the conflict of left and right sides of the Brain

Sometime back, on a Facebook status update, I had mentioned that one does not take decisions…. one chooses the consequences instead. That had met with likes and criticisms….. but i guess the real “trouble” was not highlighted/understood. The trouble is the war between the left and right halves of the brain. Emotional thinking is sometimes related to thinking from the heart, whereas logical thinking to the brain. Poor heart, it never knew that it was also suppose to do the job of the brain! Essentially at times the choice of consequence is essentially a fight between choosing or deciding which side of the brain should one listen to- the logical left side or the emotional (aka. creative and imagining) right side.

When Logic defines and lays a clear path as to the build up and consequences of events which has led to a certain event, there is the other part of the brain that simply decides not to give up on “hope” that has kept it alive… [alive is a really strong word though, but that is exactly what the imaginative right brain is supposed to behave as]. When someone does “wrong” to You, the logical half says, f*** it, and move on; while the right side stays on and somewhat broods thinking that the person would realize the mistake inflicted and undo it. Conflict of emotions…. and the ideal “guy” is one who can deal with this by choosing to side with the left-brain. If You look at it, the left brain does not decide between right or wrong- it works on binary units of 0 and 1, where something exists and something does not.

Life, Love, Work- all of these seem to get affected by the right sides of the brain whereas, it is always the left side who allows choosing the ‘right’ consequences- and most of the time, the left side is actually right- because it does not delve in to the grey areas for it knows only black, or white, yes or no. But still, I am the mere mortal who allows the right side to interfere and obviously with the most disastrous consequences/times where there is zero productivity. Call me stupid….. but know for sure, before You do…. the left half of my own brain has already done so.

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Opinion, Judgement & Generalization

We form opinion based on what we see, we make judgement based on our opinion and understanding, and effectively tend to generalize a number of things- especially the people around us. Somehow, we would agree and say this is not something that we should do, but end up doing exactly this in almost every day. I am judged and generalized as well by a ton of people around me. I don’t mind them doing so- but somehow I don’t seem to do so.

I am not raising a question of being good or bad or what is good or bad- and I don’t say these are relative terms. Simply put I don’t think this form of working and seeing others in the light of what we wish to see in them is the correct thing to do.

The fingers we have in our hands themselves are different, and they don’t work and function in the same way. Similarly the people around us have good and bad things in them. So when we try to judge and form opinions (and even worse when we try to generalize them) in effect we create a distance with the person and in no time this distance becomes insurmountable.

Being in Bangalore, I have not gone to a number of great places as of now which are in and around Bangalore. This makes people frown and say I am not normal. Some say I am not social, or some would argue that I have not done the right thing. Again, I love to read books, write blogs and also spend a lot of time working – three tasks I have found interesting to myself. People around me would not agree to my likes and end up saying, I am boring, that my choices are boring and the likes.

The point is, there is a word called ‘priority’. When we try and judge and generalize and form opinions, somehow we tend to completely ignore the point that every one has his or her own priorities that drive his/her choices. Even I don’t like a number of people- not because I have judged them- but their actions speak volumes about the way they look at things and react. Even with those I dislike, I don’t try and judge them just because I don’t like them. They have people who love and care for them- I am just not one of those people. So what would I do ? I simply tend to leave them in their world and with their viewpoints without crossing their paths.

I am what I am, just like what someone else is w.r.t their set of priorities. It is because I try and stay within my priorities does not mean I am just a selfish guy who knows nothing about others. When I try to judge and form opinions, I end up losing valuable time in being with the person and spending quality time, which is something I have learnt from my experiences. So why judge? Why form opinions? and why generalize?

My ideas don’t match with lots of people. Some say I am impractical. Whatever scale I am measured in- I’m just how I am- good or bad as per someone else’s scale. All I try to ensure is I can stand and look into my own self in the mirror and not feel a sense of guilt. In effect, I am happy being the way I am! Some say I am a loner and not a social creature. I am not happy being a loner- or a non-social element, but I guess its best to let others live while I live and survive.

Is someone judging me? Or rather is everyone judging me every second? May be– but I am not here to change the opinion he/she/they has/have about me.

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A fist-full of Happiness

Standing in the ankle-deep sand with the waves occasionally kissing the feet, and the carefree wind playing all over your face as You look out into the vastness of the sea in front of You…. what is it that You think? Probably a thousand thoughts simultaneously race through Your mind, although a sense of bliss prevails as You absorb everything around You. What is it that You feel ? Do You really feel ‘Happy’ ??

Happiness seems to be like the fist-full of dry sand that You hold in Your hands wishing never to let it go- but it slips out into ‘The Strangeness‘ although You so wish it stays and persists forever. Guess it is the short bursts of Happiness that makes it so coveted and special.

One fine day, everything seems to be so good and everything is at peace….. only then You find out something has gone horribly wrong and You wish things were in order. You wish! The Saints, over the years have advised to be Happy with the Present, with What You Have, and not ‘expect’; for nothing as They say is ‘Yours’; whatever is Yours today, was someone else’s yesterday and would belong to someone else tomorrow.. for that is how the cycle of Life continues. Can I follow the wisdom? I’m but just another Guy, not a saint, and not that strong willed either- for I know myself.

In the darkest hour of despair, when all forms of Happiness has left the side, and the Angels of Doom show enough data to convince that ‘this is the end of everything’, a voice from deep within speaks up and says, ‘Just Hang On’. In the abysmal darkness that casts itself more powerfully than the Night, with a deep breath, and another try, it is time to pick up another fist-full of sand… it is time to plant another seed of hope, for the Sun would rise again. The same voice from deep within speaks again, “Live today, die another day.”

Although the Saint resides within all of us, for the one who cannot live up to being the Saint, the circle of Life restarts from where it had left.. it is the relentless journey of not giving up and being in pursuit of happiness.

“Life is what happens, when You are busy making other plans”– John Lennon

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The Thursday Blog…..

For no particular reason, I suddenly figured out, I have shared a number of posts on ‘Thursdays’, and they have not been all about Bangalore, which is what I had in mind when I first started off with this blog!.

Hence a re-design or re-naming follows for my blog and I now call it “The Thursday Blog”.

Just a change in Life-style!!

So although I am posting on a Tuesday today…. in future I would be using only the Thursday to share my thoughts!

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Go Forward… Walk The Walk…

(The following is a direct excerpt from one of My Fav Books)

” As long as I kept my mental focus on destinations that were ahead, destinations that I had the audacity to dream might hold a red Ferrari of my own, I protected myself from despair. The future was uncertain, absolutely, and there were many hurdles, twists, and turns to come, but as long as I kept moving forward, one foot in front of the other, the voices of fear and shame, the messages from those who wanted me to believe that I wasn’t good enough, would be stilled. Go forward. That became my mantra……

….Walk that Walk,…

….Walk that walk and go forward all the time. Don’t just talk that talk, walk it and go forward. Also, the walk didn’t have to be long strides; baby steps counted too. Go forward. ”

—-” The Pursuit of Happyness”, Chris Gardner

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The ‘Lake’ in the Woods..

It was the dream… or should I say it was what my life was that flashed in front of my eyes. I dont know how long I was there, but suddenly I sat up to realize I was far away from it… I am in Bangalore. The mirror in front of my bed revealed a droplet that rolled down my cheek–guess it had been streaming for quite sometime, for the pillow testified for the same. Holy ****, I had been crying… and that is so not what I am supposed to do… I am a guy…. how can a guy cry? It seemed as if a battle was waging inside me, so I walked out to greet the cool 5am Bangalore morning.

Standing on the balcony of my 4th floor apartment with my eyes shut, I wanted to feel the breeze and a King Edwards cigar (my new fascination) when a gust of wind seemed to blow on my face from nowhere clearing the heavy smoke of the cigar. I looked out now curious to see where it came from, when at quite a distance, surrounded by trees on all sides, a large lake lay glistening to the rising sun. Unable to stop myself, I packed my bag including a sipper flask filled with tea that I got from the landlady, I left in search of the seeming ‘mirage’ while my room-mates still crouched under the blankets.

‘How could I have missed such a lake earlier?’

I walked briskly towards the direction where the lake seemed to be. After a number of enquiries to local by-standers in a language mixed with Hindi and English, I found my way to the place, while the clock just struck 6am. It was not a mirage, for the cool lake lay rippling and glistning as the morning breeze swept over it. How was it that I had missed this place for the past month that I had been staying? The answer was as simple as the question- I have been too busy with my past.

So, now I am sitting under a tree, with the lake in front of me….and guess the nearest civilization is roughly a mile from here, because the silence of the place is interupted only by ocassional dronings of heavy trucks which I guess are travelling on the nearest road fifteen minutes away from me.

Wired. With my laptop and a high-speed data connection USB stick, I am trying to pen my experience while a thousand thoughts of the loved ones — family and the one ‘lost’ fill my mind. The lonely yet charming lake by the wood is my companion while the birds chirp to us.

Am I having negative thoughts filling me up– or are these the ones that I am clinging on to in the name of ‘hope’ ? I dont know.

Let me light the cigar……

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Finding ‘Ourselves’

remember Akash, Sid and Sameer? Rings a bell?

They were the guys who took our hearts– roughly a dozon years or so back in the Bollywood flick ‘Dil Chahta Hai’. They seemed to be the individual guys, but we loved them– all of them.

There is a bit of Akash, Sid and Sameer in all of us.

….there is a joyous and carefree Akash who takes life in a stride living every moment everyday,

….there is a Sameer who finds happiness in simple things in life and in trying to find the best person in life…something that we all do. Some hide it, and just like him at times we are afraid to make further mistakes, may be only to commit a new one of a new type.

….and then there is always the quiet Sid who resides deep within us with a sense of creation and abstraction, finding solace in that which is hidden from the eyes of all and sundry.

There are times when we all wish to sit by the sea and see the sun rise or set, or see the ship that goes past and becomes a dot that goes into the oblivion. Ever imagined how many thoughts cross our minds in the moments that we spend with ourselves while burying our feet deep in the sand?

With time somehow we lose ourselves surrendering to the flow that we all are in. Only a few stand out- whatever happens.

With time we drift apart from people and loved ones just like a fistful of sand– howsoever hard You try, it would only slip from our hands. Ever noted that a bit of sand, like a stain, remains in our hand after the rest have slipped off ? They are like those memories that we keep and never forget what it used to be like.

When we loved such characters, we loved ourselves because we found a reflection of our lives in them– so we loved all of them. Memories and moments…. and we wish to live and re-live them. At times, we wish to be like them…. in reality, we all are probably all of them- just that we tend to not find time to look at ‘ourselves’.

This note is for everyone I have been with…. I remember You all, for all of You have been special for me- in some way or the other.

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they knew “this is how it feels to be in Love”….

‘Droplet’ never stopped asking questions to his Mom and Dad about everything he saw all around. He had often been amazed by the sheer size of their clan,  and his amazement knew no bounds when he was told there were zillion others outside this Lake where he lived. Even the grand Old ‘Wise One’ who always knew everything had mentioned the same thing, although he had met Wise One for the first time after the last Great Splash, which was his first encounter with chaos and flurry all around. It was then he had learnt that such storms come when the Humans jump into the lake for merry, and this made Droplet all the more curious to know the Humans who all seemed weird. He thought, “how could the humans be so ruthless to their kind? Every ‘Splash’ destroyed thousands of families of his clan and so many were lost and never found.

Droplet never knew how to gauge these creatures which Wise One had said were known as Humans. He had seen a gigantic creature once very close of the gates of their clan, only to learn that it was a ‘human baby’. He had seen a group even bigger than that ‘baby’ who were riding something by paddling on two wheels, and yet another seemingly softer variant, towards whom these rowdy paddlers always seemed attracted and always seemed to fuss around. These softer ones were to be found with something called ‘Dolls’. Dad had told Droplet of this, and also that the rowdy ones were trying to ‘impress’ the other softer kind to profess their ‘Love’. “Profess What?”. Dad had smiled at him then saying Droplet too would some day find His match and His heart would know and leap for it when the time came. Droplet had no clue as to what, when and how that would happen. …..until the day finally arrived.

One of those weird Humans had been pulling at ‘something’ (that looked like a white stick) and bellowing out clouds of grey fumes. For Droplet, it was just another of those weird-human-rituals and he never bothered to understand these creatures. But today was different. Droplet and his friends were idling  near the gates of the clan, when suddenly one of those giant white sticks came flying at them but missed them. They had a close shave, which made all the others run for their lives…but something had caught Droplet’s eyes. He had seen something inside the great white stick which felt uncomfortably warm.

So while the others fled, Droplet had questions in his mind which he wanted answers to… and he waded towards the giant warm stick, and what he saw changed him at the very instant. A pair of beautiful eyes set in a face contorted with pain and  struggling to part from the stick. He saw Her flaming red hair, and in Her eyes he sensed a despair. Spark was struggling to get out of the cigarette bud when her eyes met the steel blue eyes of Droplet. It was a look which had made her stop momentarily from striving to get out of the bud-end for she knew if she stayed it would be her last….and then She had seen Him just in front of Her. His cold form seemed so soothing to her, while Her warmth felt so endearing to Droplet.

Both needed a few moments to realize that she was struggling, and their thoughts jumped back to reality. Droplet now knew what Dad had said about the ‘time’. He had felt his heart leaping inside him when he had first seen her glowing eyes. She definitely was what was called to be a ‘match’ in his clan, thought Droplet….but She seemed in danger.

Droplet knew he needed to save Her. He threw himself towards Her with all his might and stretched out to reach Her hands. All this time She could not have felt differently for just at the same time She also held out her arm towards Him. Droplet caught Spark, ……


the rest is for You!

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A glimpse of an ugly truth

Not sure if this is humorous… or if this is sarcastic… let me know after You have read…….

I was at Bangalore Central (mall) in Belandur, and after a coffee and a snack while i strolled out of Costa Coffee on the 6th floor, my steps were obstructed because a group of teens were celebrating someone’s birthday. I could gauge it was a B-day because thanks to influx of free cash that is there in today’s teens’ pockets, while hundreds and thousands of people in India starve to get a full meal once a day, these teens had a spare cake that they were using to smash and decorate and make a clown of the B-Day teen.

If for an instant I close my eyes to the wastage of food (which probably even I am guilty of, for having spent a few hundred bucks on coffee at the shop I was in); what amazed me was actually the insensitivity of these teens. Since they were standing and performing their rather messy activity on the way to the exit, with no good regard for the people who were either waiting to leave or enter; and I being a rather impatient person when it comes to someone blocking my time……. I was somewhat astounded for having to scream for the third time to ‘excuse me’ and let me pass! That the third time was a scream which made quite a few turn their heads towards the exit, the teens themselves thought I was “actually” spoiling their fun and someone said ‘excused” in a rather sarcastic tone.

The tone of sarcasm did make me smirk at the teens who are blissfully unaware of the hardships of life that millions have to face! But then I questioned myself– does the cosmopolitan Bangalore which offers thousands of teens near-free cash to squander, even understand the toil the millions who form the multitude even go through on a day in day out basis?? I don’t think so.

Bangalore is a beautiful city– but my experience was the tiniest example of the colossal, ugly and naked truth it hides. As a matter of fact….. it is not only about Bangalore…. this is probably the sight in every cosmopolitan city.


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A great and bold global launch of ROC Revenue Assurance 5 – first taste of success in Bangalore

Not blogging for so long may not be attributed to lack of interest in blogging…… simply put, I feel I was not breathing for so long. Just started breathing with this blog!

The reasons for “not breathing” include anticipations with bated breath for the first taste of success along with not being able to blog! Finally the D-Day came, and was finally able to pull through a successful product launch. I happen to be the “acting” Product Manager (although Associate Product Manager by designation) of ROC Revenue Assurance- the most comprehensive revenue management system for telecom operators from Subex Limited.

So, this was my first taste of success in Bangalore…. a great and bold product launch. But this could not have been successful if the entire engineering team working on the software had not put all those toiling hours even through the weekends during the last 8 months!. It would also have not been so great if the marketing had not supported through the innumerable iterations for finding and portraying the true value of the product. Probably what was most important was the involvement of the most senior members of the company- right from the Senior Director – Engineering, Vice President – Marketing, Senior Vice President Engineering, Group President and even the COO.

There is a saying, the journey is the reward! Effectively the journey has just begun, because now it is time for us to bring out the value of the product for our present and future customers. That probably is not the toughest of challenges given the brand name and commitment that Subex has towards the customers; but the sweet rewards of success comes from the words that the world media had to offer. Here are a few links for the coverage of the launch:

India Infoline – February 13, 2012

Light Reading – February 14, 2012

Telecom Lead – February 13, 2012

Equity Bulls- February 13, 2012

MoneyControl – February 13, 2012

Business News Asia – February 13, 2012

Billing World – February 13, 2012

APN News – February 13, 2012

OSS News Review – February 13, 2012

Total Telecom – February 16, 2012

Mobility Tech Zone – February 13, 2012

Frontier India – February 13, 2012

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Let’s revert Bangalore to its Stunningly Beautiful State- a humble attempt

Pollution is a big problem for any city in the world and Bangalore is also not trailing behind. Dust from the roads and carbon fumes from haggered vehicles contribute to a large extent to the cause. However, in the first place, this never needed to be a “situation” to solve.

The climate of Bangalore is uniquely beautiful and it demands appreciation of the people who stay here. Instead of doing so, millions of smoke bellowing vehicles rule the roads. Then we complain that roads are not there, and then again we complain the climate is becoming warmer. The solution could have been simple and I believe it can still be incorporated.

I love the weather and hence to ensure i utilize it to the fullest I ride a cycle to my office. Yes, cycle and cycling are the answer to the problems that we have created in Bangalore. The IT sector has been the prime reason for the boom in B’lore, and somehow I feel it is the same companies who have caused all the trouble in here. As a part of the so acclaimed Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) promoting cycling as a means of communication for the employees could have been done and still can be done. But taking this CSR step does not seem to interest the companies- because it does not talk ‘money’ and ‘profit’. That is sad, just because cycling is an extremely good exercise which helps keeping employees fit and therefore more productive, However, the IT sector has never been known to be employee-welfare oriented and hence not much zeal has been shown.

It is definitely easy to burn fuel, show off a jazzy bike or a great car as a status symbol. Cities like Delhi / New Delhi where the climate is not so suitable for long distance cycling can definitely not embrace this great habit. But Bangalore permits and We Can get a better city and healthier life by using cycles. Instead of having a ‘cool’ bike or a fuel guzzling expensive car , it is worthwhile a 1000 times and more to have a stunningly beautiful city!

If You are reading this, and You are in Bangalore, and You agree that cycling can create a difference both to the city and our health, then please help pass on the message.

PS: for sharing this, You would not receive any surprise gifts, neither would Your Facebook account be deleted if You don’t share this, nor would You have 5 wishes fulfilled if You share this with 100 friends.

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It took a robbery to prove Sherlock Holmes does not reside within me….

Inspired as I may have been by the observation-based-investigative methods of Sherlock Holmes, the truth, that I am no way even remotely close to any capabilities of observation-based-deductions transpired today morning crushing my personal musings of finding a Holmes in myself, when my room-mate had his mobile phone stolen in the very early misty and cozy morning.

Assuming that “The Fellow” who was silently making his way across our rooms was none other than one of my other room mates (Abhinav), I ruffled myself back to sleep a couple of more mins under the blanket without even bothering to look up and check for the true credentials.

So much for assumptions, but I along with two of my other room mates (Yatharth and the victim Prateek) were shaken up by the sudden and extremely loud closure of the flat door. Without losing a moment these two had sprung up from their beds to discover the Prateek’s mobile was actually ‘gone’ and the stir in the room did put me up on the feet to understand what the fuss was about. Well it turned out the person was not our fourth room-mate but actually a Thief!

But I must say, he was an Honest and Clueless Thief, for he had taken great pains in locating a mobile in the most obscure corner of our flat when right in the living room lay my own laptop, mobile, wallet, head-set and data-card. All were untouched. If this was not enough, Prateek was sleeping right beside the mobile in an interior room, while Abhinav’s mobile ( a large touch-screen LG) lay on a chair a feet from the one that was stolen – and Abhinav was not even in the room.

The three of us had literally rushed out of our beds to definitely grab the con-man and bring him to justice. So as it happened, we came rushing to the living room with an expression that clearly screamed “Stop Thief!” and we were stranded looking at each other for a few seconds! I thought- well what were we trying to express by looking at ourselves? Enough of musings,  we started trying to search for the Thief by embarking on trying to search every corner of the 6 floors of the building. Well, Mr. Holmes definitely does not reside within ourselves!

Well, as it turned out, the combined understanding of who the con-man possibly could be pointed only to a single known new entrant of the building, but alas, having proved that Sherlock Holmes does not reside in me in even the remotest form, I think I would prefer to refrain from getting beaten up severely for pointing fingers to someone who may just be innocent….. and I thought I was smart! Lolz!


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Brake-less in Bangalore

The honest expectation of the driver of the big red Volvo [bus number 500c] was that I would duck a bit more to the left and obviously slow down when he would storm past me on the busy Outer Ring Road at 9am. I must say I agree to his thought process. What I did not know was my ‘ride’ was in no mood of listening and or agreeing to either of us!

I don’t suffer from Monday morning blues and I ride a bicycle to my office at Deverabisanahalli which is just 2.5 kms away from where I stay. This makes cycling all the more viable as an option for commuting to the office. Hence just like any other day I started off form my place as usual at 9am so that I reach the office by quarter past 9. For some unknown reason I forgot to take my helmet, but i gave it a shrug when I realized it. Hardly did I know what was in store for me. 9am on the Outer Ring Road is a time when everyone wishes to travel at the designated 60 kmph (or if possible more) but only lands up making 40-50 kmph or even less – except for some lucky ones like the Volvo’s driver today.

That I use a geared bicycle which helps speeding up easily even on the wavy roads of Bangalore, I was on full throttle at the very moment when the ‘lucky’ Volvo driver stormed swiftly with its gigantic volume at 60 kmph or more, and only when trying to duck did I realized my bicycle brakes were not working– both rear and front. I literally flew at an uncontrollable speed without even the opportunity to stop (may be just by hopping out manually) because the buses behind me would otherwise enjoy a ride ‘over’ me and my cycle. Therefore, that wasn’t a great option to look for as well. That wasn’t the worst part. I was on the down-hill slope of the road where inertia played against all my wishes and carried me with even greater speeds than what I had while riding on the uphill slope.

That I am writing this blog today at 6pm, is a good enough to say I survived the flight. I did have to carefully maneuver through the traffic and pedal very little till i reached office. Mortified as I may have been for a couple of minutes while ducking the speeding vehicles, now I realize what is meant by “journey is the reward”. Looking back, it was one heck of a ride!

Not that I wish for another complete brake-wire snap, but riding brake-less in Bangalore was definitely an experience to note.



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from over a thousand miles away……

“It wasn’t my fault !”…. and so the argument was tried. Yet it was in vain.

The effect was that of a feeling of “distress”. But ‘distress’ is a rather sophisticated term. It was simple… but not a single one, and hence went like ‘sad’, ‘hurt’, ‘upset’, ‘feeling misunderstood’, ‘if-only-i-could-explain’, ‘i-tried-to-explain-but’… and such went the army of not-so-pleasant feelings.Weeping

It wasn’t me … but I was sharing the feelings over a communication system that helped me span well over a thousand miles across the country. The array of feelings within me was actually quite different, and…

–I wished I could just sit there listening in order to make it understood that I’m there!

–I wished I could just tap on the head and say…. ‘hey its all right! Its just a bad day at work- its gonna be fine’

–I wished I could explain ‘You know You don’t deserve this.. so let it pass. You know You can do better. Lurch ahead and do better. Be Yourself!’

–I wished I could show a mirror and say, ‘Know what, You look better when You have a smile pasted across Your face! See for Yourself.’

I wished I was the Friend sitting just beside when I was needed. I wish I was “there” and not just blogging sitting a thousand miles away.

Another post in Bangalore Diary– and I know I am a thousand miles away from………


The image of the baby is not mine or the person I was writing about but was borrowed from “

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Breaking Dawn

10 days of delay from the 1st introductory post can be interpreted as an unthinkable laziness on my part- but explanations apart, that was not the reason, and since this blog is not for explaining why I was late, let me start off.

Let me not speak of dates, but it was at 4am in the morning when some hustle-bustle in my room woke me up from an already disturbed and nightmare ridden sleep. As if it was not the end of my woes, I figured out my room-mate was going for a trip to a sunrise point (Sawan Samudra), and I was not invited for some weird reasons. Enough of lamenting and sighs- so I turned around and crouched under the blanket hoping to shave off any traces of lament and sleep off. Well I could not achieve the second part, and hence after 15 mins of trying-to-sleep, after my room-mates left I woke up and walked over to the balcony. All the lamenting and the sighs did vaporize in an instant. I had never seen a time so beautiful….. “Breaking dawn”.

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……….. who said You need to go to a sunrise point to witness the beauty of nature…. it was right there in front of me in the purest form. I missed telling You that i had rushed to get my camera (and that I am not exactly a photographer of repute) to take the snaps of the moments when the ground, the sky, and the horizon were but a single ‘instance’ covered under the veil of the mist. Somewhere beyond misty streaks lay the sun…. I was yet to see.

The chill and mist was worth bracing with a steaming cup of tea, while I was perched on top of the garret with my camera in hand…. for I did not wish to lose a moment to see the first sparkle. From amidst the horizon (or so what i thought it was) the first streaks flowed in….. a moment’s loss could just not be tolerated.

I was not sitting atop on a hill to get the views, but I fixed my gaze while sipping my tea on the roof of the garret of my building in a place called ‘Kadubisenahalli’… just off the Outer Ring Road.

Good Morning Bangalore!


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Bangalore Diary- As I start off….

Initially the title of this blog  was not ‘Bangalore Diary’. This blog is supposed to list my experience of different trips and travels, but as Steve Jobs once said, You cannot ‘connect the dots’ looking forward; I could not imagine back in the October of 2010, that I would be re-naming my blog after 14 months on 1st of Jan 2012.

A burning desire to see Latin  America was the reason of the historic trip of Che Guevara on Alberto Granado’s “La Poderosa” – the Norton 500 motorcycle. The trip acted as a catalyst in bringing out the ‘Che’ as the world knew him. He had seen the world that was nearest to him, and probably he had missed ‘seeing’ it before the trip happened. There are times when we ignore something that is very near to us in search of something that is far away. In words of the famous Bengali poet Rabindranath Tagore;
Bohu din dhore, bohu krosh dure,
bohu byay kori, bohu desh ghure,
Dekhite giyachhi parbotmala, dekhite giyachhi sindhu, 
Dekha hoy nai chokkhu meliya, 
Ghar hote shudhu dui pa feliya, 
Ekti dhaner shisher upore ekti shishir bindu.”

[A quick Google search for the translation of the above resulted in the following:

I traveled miles, for many a year,
I spent a lot in lands afar,
I’ve gone to see the mountains, the oceans I’ve been to view.
But I haven’t seen with these eyes
Just two steps from my home lies
On a sheaf of paddy grain, a glistening drop of dew.].

This, in this blog I would try and write about everyday Bangalore- something that is so “near” and so “close” and yet hardly mentioned. This is not going to be a guidebook or a newspaper, but just an account of everyday experiences in a beautiful city. The guidebooks like ‘Lonely Planet’ do what they are best at- creating an aura about every place on the planet. No place is perfect- there is beauty, and there are challenges, and the same is true for Bangalore as well. Not only Bangalore, there are a great many good places in and around Bangalore, and I would try and capture the experiences there as well.

Hope You enjoy!

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